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Trustworthy Civil Appeals Lawyer in Atlanta

Losing a case in a trial court does not mean you have lost everything. You have the right to appeal your case if you are dissatisfied with the verdict after your trial.

It is possible to go from a losing situation to a winning one if you have a  trustworthy civil appeal attorney on your side.


What Do Civil Appeals Lawyers Do?

An appeals lawyer handles cases where a party loses or disagrees with a court’s decision or is fighting for the court’s ruling to be upheld. Appellate law attorneys handle client cases from the trial court to appellate courts. If you wish to file an appeal, an appellate lawyer will look at your trial record to identify errors that occurred during the court trial process. Once they have identified errors, the Atlanta appeals lawyers will present those arguments to the proper appellate court.

Getting the Right Civil Appeals Lawyer for Your Case

You may wonder how to make the right call when hiring the best appellate attorneys for your case. Follow the tips below to guide you with the decision-making process: 


Hire an Experienced Attorney Who Specializes in Appellate Litigation

You may have had an experienced lawyer for your original trial. You should know that appellate litigation requires attorneys who have in-depth knowledge of the appeals process and the specific area of law you are dealing with. While you can hire a trial attorney for your case, an attorney with significant appellate experience is your best bet. 


Look for Appeals Attorneys’ Qualifications

At Conklin Law Firm, we offer a free consultation where you are able to have a one-on-one engagement with us. During the consultation, you will learn about our experience in appellate practice.

It is not always about academic qualifications. Practical work experience is also crucial. An attorney who represents clients in appellate courts more often will know how to expertly navigate this area and give you the best chance for a positive outcome. Give Conklin Law Firm a call today to start with your appeals process. 

Advantages of an Appeals Lawyer

Extensive Experience: Our experience in appellate advocacy often translates to success in appeals. Trial lawyers are good at giving closing arguments that move the jury. On appeal, the objective is to persuade a judge about particular points of law. Our Appellate attorneys have successfully represented clients in various appeals cases including business disputes, property disputes, and contract disputes.

Consistent objectivity: Appellate lawyers are objective. They look at the case with fresh eyes because they were not part of the trial process. They also look at a case from the judge’s perspective. This allows a skilled appellate attorney to objectively identify any trial errors.

Skills and Knowledge: Our Civil appeals lawyers have the relevant knowledge and skills to navigate the appellate process. We submit persuasive legal briefs that comply with the stringent rules of each appellate court. 

Cost of a Georgia Civil Appeal Attorney

Civil appeals attorneys have different rates depending on their qualifications and level of experience. The type of case and complexity of the case will also influence the attorney’s fees.

It is also important to note that appeals can be expensive. At Conklin Law Firm, we work to mitigate some of the expenses associated with appealing your case.

Conklin Law Firm will give you an estimation of how much your appeals case will cost you. Contact us now! 


When to Hire a Civil Appeals Attorney

You can rely on us for advice and representation during the civil appeals process, whether you are seeking to reverse a ruling or defend a favorable ruling. We will help you gather the right documents, understand the appeal process, and file your appeal within the timeline set by law

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