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Appealing Your Criminal Conviction in Georgia

One of the most complicated legal processes in the United States, criminal appeals are used in an effort to have a criminal conviction is overturned or get the court to grant a new trial.

The Georgia Appellate Court system consists of two levels of appeals court. First is the Georgia Court of Appeals, and second is the Georgia Supreme Court.

Most appeals are heard for the first time in the state’s Court of Appeals. If appealed a second time, the case will move on to the Georgia Supreme Court. The Georgia Supreme Court is the state’s highest court. This court also has exclusive jurisdiction over cases involving constitutional questions, murder, and habeas corpus.

Those accused of a crime in the state of Georgia may be eligible to have their case reviewed by Atlanta appeal lawyers who will work to have their conviction overturned or their sentence reduced.

At Conklin Law, our lead attorney is experienced in the appellate process and has appealed hundreds of convictions to the Georgia Court of Appeals and Georgia Supreme Court.

What Are the Most Common Grounds for Criminal Appeal in Atlanta, Georgia?

The most common grounds for criminal appeal in Atlanta are insufficient evidence, improper jury instructions, and improper legal decision-making by the judge or prosecutor. With such a complicated legal process, appellate lawyers understand that they are not only representing the aggrieved party but can also impact future cases in the state of Georgia, which is why they have a deep commitment to the pursuit of justice.

However, the most common grounds for appeal are those that challenge the validity of the conviction itself, such as the exclusion of all the evidence and the improper admission of other evidence. It is worth noting that the Georgia appellate system and appellate procedures are much more flexible than they might seem at first glance.

What Happens with an Appeal in the Appellate Court?

When an appeal is filed in Atlanta, Georgia, the defendant’s case is reviewed by a panel of judges. These judges are all lawyers and may have practiced a variety of areas of law.

The panel of judges will also often make decisions independently without needing to refer the case to a larger panel of judges. This allows for a great deal of flexibility on the part of the appellate courts in Georgia.

At the appellate level in the Georgia Supreme Court, there are not trials as you may think of them. Instead, oral arguments are heard by the whole court. The panel of judges or justices listen, review the documentation from the original trial, confer, and then announce their decision.

A criminal appeal is typically less likely to result in a reversal of the conviction than in a civil case. However, in certain cases, such as where the legal rights of the defendant were violated, the Georgia appellate system can be used to get a conviction reversed. A criminal appeals lawyer in Atlanta can help you determine whether an appeal is appropriate in your case.

How Often Is an Appeal Successful?

The Georgia appellate system is extremely complex, and there are a number of different factors that come into play when determining whether or not a direct appeal will be successful. It is worth noting that there is no set rule for when an appeal should be expected to be successful, and there are a number of cases in which even the most respected lawyers have been unable to get a reversal.

This is largely due to the fact that the Atlanta, Georgia appellate system is extremely difficult to navigate. The attorney-client relationship is a two-way street, and it is critical for an attorney to listen to their client and provide them with the necessary evidence to effectively make their case and represent clients to the best of their ability and legal experience.

The Georgia appellate system is one of the most complex criminal law systems in the United States. Those accused of a crime in Atlanta should know that even the most respected appeals lawyers are often unsuccessful with their cases.

The key, however, is to find a lawyer with extensive experience who is skilled at navigating the system and who is able to provide strategic legal counsel that is focused on the specific facts of the case.

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